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What is the Difference Between Commercial and Residential Landscaping Services?

Most companies in this industry differentiate between these two types of customers. ‘Residential’ properties are usually thought of as single family homes with individual contracts with each home owner. Commercial contracts are usually for business exteriors, apartment buildings, and other larger scale properties.

Scope of Services

Whereas commercial landscaping is tailored to larger crews and businesses with huge beds of grass, residential landscaping landscaping focuses on creating a welcoming, beautiful environment for homeowners and their families. Services often include garden maintenance services, lawn fertilization service, and fall leaf removal. Residential landscape designers work closely with homeowners to reflect their personal style and functional needs in the landscape design. Although the scale of the job is much different for each of these two types of service, there are a lot of overlaps between the two in regards to the types of services that may be done.

Design and Aesthetic

Commercial landscapers often work on projects that must adhere to specific zoning laws, corporate standards, and functionality for public use. The designs are generally aimed at creating a professional appearance that complements the commercial building’s architecture.

On the other hand, residential landscaping services tend to be more flexible and varied, reflecting personal taste and style. Projects can range from simple lawn mowing service quotes to complex landscape designer near me engagements that transform an entire backyard into a personal retreat with features like water gardens, fire pits, and ornamental trees.

Commercial landscaping involves large-scale planning, design, and maintenance. In order to provide these services, companies will often send out larger crews with multiple mowers. Just imagine driving down 35-E and seeing one of those trucks parked with the big red zero-turn mowers on the trailer. As mentioned earlier, an estimator will often need to come out to asses what services need to be provided in order to make the business look really nice. You want to find someone experienced in order to estimate the amount of mulching, weeding, and other projects need to be done. This will save you money by insuring that you purchase the correct amount of materials whether in bulk. Call Hold Fast at (940) 202-9123 if you are interested in fidning out an estimate for your commercial property.

Pricing Options

The pricing is usually categorized into regular maintenance (mowing ect.) and special landscape projects. For those on a budget, it may make sense to book a one time mowing or edging deal just to get things to the point where you are able to maintain them yourselves.

The current rates for regular maintenance can be found on the front page of our site. In order to get pricing for landscaping projects, please fill out the contact box or call the office.


Whether you’re looking for landscaping businesses near me to handle a large commercial project or a landscape service to spruce up your home, understanding these differences is key. For businesses and homeowners in Corinth, Lewisville, Highland Lake Dallas, and Denton, TX, choosing the right landscape maintenance services or residential landscape expert can make all the difference in the quality and enjoyment of your outdoor spaces.