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Seasonal Lawn Care Tips

Each season is going to require different challenges. I hope to provide you with our insight on what those challenges are and how to maintain a lush, healthy lawn year-round in North Texas.

Spring: Deal With New Growth Caused By Rainfall

aerial photography of flowers at daytime
  • The first step in springtime is to address the state of your lawns soil. Test the soil pH and adjust as necessary. Loosen the soil and enrich it with compost or a balanced fertilizer to ensure it’s ready for planting.

  • If the dirt is hard and compacted, you may want to consider aeration. This process helps relieve soil compaction, improves water absorption, and increases nutrient uptake. It also stimulates root growth, reduces thatch buildup, and can improve the effectiveness of seeding.

  • A good industrial aerator such as a Ryan Lawnaire IV-EST can be $3k-4k so many people choose to hire their lawn guy to perform this task. There are also spike aerators, which are a small fraction of the price but do not offer the same quality of penetration into the soil.

  • Control weeds early by applying pre-emergent weed control in order to prevent weeds from taking root in your garden and lawn areas. Early spring is also the perfect time to prune shrubs and trim trees to promote healthy growth. Remove any dead, damaged, or diseased branches.

Summer: Maintaining Health During Heat

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  • Water your lawn early in the morning to reduce evaporation. Keep your grass a bit taller in summer to protect roots from the heat. This also helps the soil retain moisture better. If it hasn’t been cut in awhile, we will not be able to cut the grass below 6 inches without damaging the health of your soil/grass. (Many ride-on mowers are also incapable of blade lengths longer than 6 inches).

  • Continue regular inspections and maintenance of your irrigation systems to ensure there are no leaks or blockages affecting water efficiency. Check for and treat any signs of pests or diseases promptly.

Fall: Great Time For Landscaping Projects

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  • As the soil begins to cool, consider over-seeding to fill in any sparse areas and introduce more resilient grass varieties. Aeration continues to be beneficial in the fall, as it allows the newly added nutrients and seeds better penetration and root contact. Refresh mulch in your garden beds to insulate plant roots from the upcoming cold and to give your landscape a clean, well-kept appearance as it heads into the dormant season.

  • Once the mowing season slows down, we are able to put a lot more resources into designing landscaping structures such as: pathways, decks, and pergolas. Effective landscape design also considers future growth and maintenance needs, ensuring that the space not only looks good at installation but continues to thrive and adapt over time.

  • Feel free to contact us if you are looking for fall leaf removal, brush removal service or other home projects.

Winter: Protecting and Planning

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Landscaping during the winter in North Texas presents several challenges, largely due to the region’s specific climate conditions and occasional unpredictable weather patterns.

  • Denton experiences a wide range of temperatures during the winter, including sudden freezes. These fluctuations can stress plants, particularly if they are not native to the region or are not cold-hardy.

  • Frost and occasional snow can occur, posing a threat to sensitive plants. This may kill your plants and pose a larger threat to less resilient lawns or species.

  • Many plants enter a dormant phase during the winter, which slows or stops growth. This makes it difficult to assess the health of the plant and the effectiveness of any treatments or amendments made to the soil or landscape during this time. You also should adjust mowing height, and watering schedules to account for these seasonal changes until the rain returns in the spring.

For residents of Denton, TX, and surrounding cities like Corinth, Lewisville, and Highland Lake Dallas, these tips can make the difference between a struggling lawn and a thriving landscape. If you’re need Texas lawn care service, yard maintenance, or garden maintenance services, call us! No matter the season.